Current Developments

Alabaster Project Ministries Annual Report

Since 1998 when Alabaster Project Ministries was registered with the Ghana government as a church based nonprofit organization, it has steadily added to the programs and services it provides for the three northern regions – Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions.

Our dental clinic has been serving tens of thousands of patients since 2004. Apart from the one dentist at the Tamale Teaching School and Kamina Barracks, our dental clinic is the only non- governmental dental facility in the Northern region. We have doubled our capacity from two dental chairs to four. In 2015 alone, we served over two thousand people, coming from as far as Techiman (about 200 miles away). We brought a medical school trained dentist from Mexico who has being serving the people for about nine months now.

The eye clinic which has been in service since 2007 has grown dramatically to include a fully equipped and operating surgical unit. The eye clinic is equipped with 6 ophthalmological microscopes for eye surgery. The surgical unit has performed over 150 cataracts, pterygia and glaucoma surgeries. All these surgeries are done completely free of charge to the patients. Several patients came blind from cataracts, they left with their sight fully restored.

We have added another farm to the one we were operating. We continue to supply food to the Tamale Children’s Home, the Tamale Rehabilitation Center, to widows and orphans in many rural communities, such as Tali, Gizaa-Gundaa and Nyerizee, Terakpaa and Moglaa.

Alabaster Project is very involved in the peace process in the Northern region. We are currently funding and actively engaged in seeking to maintain peace during the up coming elections. To this end we are meeting with chiefs and opinion leaders to emphasize the need for peaceful elections.